Why simple but elegant and classic dresses from Panumas are the favourite of both sweet girls and the posh ones?

Evening dresses and handmade accessories in Panumas showroom, located on the 23rd floor, Centara Grand at CentralWorld, always attract tourists and Thai choosey women to browse the shop.

Panumas (Suthiwanich) Chirathivat, owner of the fashion house and showroom under the same name, is very proud of her passion for fashion design, combined with sweet and elegant style and comes out in a form of fabulous dresses for every stylish lady.

“Several French designers have fairly extreme styles whereas New York designers’ styles are likely to softer. However, women of Panumas style do not wear wild and eccentric outfits but focus on elaborate details, materials and simple but gimmicky design, which are the characteristics of the brand.”

Fashion design is in her blood

After receiving Master’s degree in Hotel Management from Johnson & Wales University, Rhode Island, USA and working in a catering department of five-star hotels for many years, Panumas turned to study and trained in fashion design with her grandmother Lumyong Boonyarattapan and her aunt Bowornporn Suthiwanich. Later, she worked for her close relative Jeab-Pichitra Boonyarattapan for several years. Evntually, Panumas found her true heart and desire for fashion design.

After being passionately involved in fashion design for a certain time, Panumas married Gid-Theerakiat Chirathivat and had 3 children, 8-year-old daughter Fen-Atipa, 6-year-old son France-Itthivat and 4-year-old daughter Feb-Supitcha. With the deep passion for the art of fashion design, later, Panumas traveled to Paris to study fashion design at L’Ecole fleuri Delaporte and kept on practicing designing and dressmaking. Finally, she established her own fashion house and showroom in 2009.

“At first I opened a production house in Sarasin area, Bangkok and ran business there for one year. Later, when everything was ready, I opened a store at Centara Grand at CentralWorld in 2009. The production house in Sarasin is where my intimate customers usually visit and made an order while Panumas showroom at Centara Grand is a place you can find ready-to-wear clothes.”

Elaborate and valuable dresses

“I love elaborateness. All of Panumas attires, therefore, are nothing but perfect. I control and inspect every process by myself since I believe that elaborateness and beauty are equally important. Those who love classic, elegant and sweet style with gimmicks might love Panamas dresses.”

Seeing her grandmother Lumyong worked since she was a child and being influence by grandmother’s delicate workmanship, Panumas, therefore, truly enjoys designing and making a dress, and she is always delighted when touching beautiful dresses. The technique of elaborate draping can add small but interesting details that make a simple dress become an elegant and classic one.

“I love a day-dress sack and an evening dress. My work primarily was making a dress for my acquaintances by adjusting the pattern to wisely hide a lower abdomen. Techniques of traditional designers combined with my own design results in not only a beautiful dress but also perfectly suits an individual’s figure and personality.” said Panumas.

Panumas selects materials such as silk, satin, silk chiffon, cotton and spandex from high quality suppliers. Then a dress is carefully patterned in order to be worthwhile yet remains its beauty.

“Sometimes I mix and match high quality spandex which is fairly thick. It can be made a sack or trousers. Even simple clothes for a leisure day, I don’t overlook the design.”

Most of Panumas clothes are sacks which you can wear in a daytime or an evening. Just change your bag and shoes, you can leave your office and head to a party immediately. Furthermore, you can find blouses, trousers, dresses, etc. at Panumas shop.

“New dresses are regularly launched every couple of months. Generally, Panumas collection can be divided into two seasons, summer and winter. The colour and the pattern of textiles are varied in the different seasons but remains classic and gimmicky designs. For example, the latest collection highlights carrot orange and lime green that give more sense of joy yet classic.

Reasonable prices and reliable service

Customers of Panumas include Thai and foreign A-list celebrities, businesswomen, and teenagers. The stand sizes are S, M and L. Each collection is limited edition. However, a made to order dress is available as well. If you see your friend’s wonderful dress and love it, you can make an order by changing materials, colours and some details as you like.

The prices of Panamas dresses are definitely reasonable. The price of a blouse starts at 2,750-3,750 Baht whereas a silk, satin, silk satin, and silk chiffon sack starts at 10,000 Baht.

In addition, Panumas offers customers with the highest quality of service and after-sale service all through the process of order placing. When the dress is finished, an individual case is also taken care of.

Furthermore, at Panumas showroom, you can find magnificent accessories, necklace, earrings, keychain, bag, and shoes. Some of them are imported from Paris, New York and Japan while some are modern vintage pieces made by a distinguished Thai designer-Pravit.

If a beautiful, simple and elaborate dress is your style, you definitely fall in love with ‘Panumas”.